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Questions to Ask Before You Hire an Entertainer for a Kids' Party

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Many people make the mistake of choosing an entertainer based on price alone. This can result in a major disappointment when you realize your kids are bored and are not getting the attention or entertainment they deserve. This article discusses some questions you should ask the entertainer before you hire him or her.

Use this information to help you organize a successful first party for your kid:

What Range of Activities Do You Offer?

Most entertainers will be flexible but you should never assume that a particular entertainer would be able to offer the kind of activities that you wish for. Ask if the entertainer can perform the activities that you would wish for at your kid's party (comic book characters, for example) and see if the entertainer's responses rhyme with the suggestions that your kids made. It is always better to factor in the suggestions of what your kids would like if you want the day to be a success.

Will You Be Alone?

The range of activities planned for sometimes call for the presence of several people on the team of the entertainer. For instance, if face painting will be done, there is a need to have several people painting the kids' faces to keep all the children involved during that session. It is also good to have several people so that there is some variety in the presentations in order to retain the attention of the kids.

What Frightens Kids?

A good entertainer will know which kinds of costumes can be scary to younger children and tell you about them. This is your cue to provide information about the age range of the kids who will be attending the party. That information will help the entertainer to select a costume or makeup that will be appropriate to the age of the kids. For instance, he or she may choose to show up without makeup so that the younger children are not frightened.

What Extras Do You Offer?

This question will lead you to discover what additional products or services you can get from the entertainer. For instance, he or she may be able to provide giveaways or games for the kids. This will save you from having to deal with multiple party hire companies so you will be less stressed by the need to keep in touch with so many service providers.

Keep the tips above in mind and your first kids' party will go without a hitch. This is because the questions above will help you to select the right entertainer for the day and the kids will be thrilled.