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Factors to Consider when Hiring a Marquee

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If you are planning a wedding, party or corporate event in Australia, then a wonderful option is to hire a marquee company to stage your event. The process of marquee hire is crucial and getting the right company can determine the success of the entire event. Some simple mistakes become disastrous and can set off the entire event. You will need to take a number of considerations before you can make the right decision. Here are some of the top factors to consider.

Number of people being hosted

Knowing the number of people you are hosting is an important step in the marquee hire process. This alone determines the size and type of marquee that you will hire. It is therefore important to have the numbers ready before you can approach a marquee hire company. Have a rough estimate of the number of people who may not attend as you don't want to have a huge marquee and only half the guests on the list attend.

Cost of hire

This is an important factor in choosing a marquee hire company. You want to go with one that will offer the best services at a reasonable cost. Having an estimate of the amount you are willing to pay will narrow down your search to the right companies. Once you determine companies within your budget, you can choose from among them depending on the features that are attractive to you. Remember, don't just choose a cheap company, but choose a cheap one which will give your event the wow factor.

Occasion requirements

Some events will require certain modifications and styles made to the marquee; therefore, you should let the marquee hire company know your party requirements. Take into consideration the seating arrangement, décor, furniture to be used and so on. A party or wedding would require a huge dance floor and maybe lots of tables and chairs. Marquee hire companies like Penrith Party Hire also provide catering and entertainment services. Informing the company of these requirements will enable them give the best suggestions and service package for your specific occasion. 

The venue for your event

Determine whether the venue for your event allows marquees or not. Some allow marquees while others don't. Some also restrict the use of marquees to specific areas within the compound. Make sure you understand these requirements before hiring a marquee. This will also enable you choose a marquee hire company that is able to meet the regulations set by your venue host.

With hundreds of marquee hire companies in Australia, hiring the right one to set up your venue will contribute greatly to the success and glamour of your event. Always remember to work with a reputable company to get the best value for your money.